Awe and Fear of Nature from the series New Romanticism (2020)  70 x 100 cm type C print

Images of over saturated ripe and plump fruit and vegetables as well as happy healthy animals in perfect conditions grazing on lush green rolling fields flood our lives through the many ways we consum advertising operating as enticements for our basic need for food. I belive we have become desensitised to the optical reality of animals and plants manufactured for consumption, I am interested in understanding the role photography plays in this deception? For ‘New Romanticism’ I use my practise as means of examining the authenticity of commercial food advertising in particular looking to gain a deeper insight into the power structures hidden behind the romanticism of plant and animal imagery’.

Lauren Dunn (2020)

* Awe and Fear of Nature will feature in Lauren’s upcoming solo exhibition New Romanticism, part of Photo 2021 slated for February.

Lauren is one of Melbourne’s leading voices on contemporary photographic practice and critical thinking and was a founding member of the recently established Image Collective.

She graduated from the Victoria College of the Arts (Melbourne) in 2018 and her works are held in various public and private collections. Lauren lives and actively works in Melbourne, Australia.