Alive installation @ Objectspace, Auckland NEW ZEALAND 2.18 min, 2019

This is a short film introducing Hak’s installation of the exhibition ‘Alive’ exhibited at Objectspace in Auckland, New Zealand (2 June – 21 July 2019). This was the third iteration of the ‘Alive’ series. The Rei Foundation partnered with Kim Hak to engage with 12 Cambodian families now living in Aotearoa New Zealand. He documented personal objects that hold meaning as a part of their journey in surviving the Khmer Rouge, and refugee camps and then resettling far from their homeland.

From RNZ (Radio New Zealand) Arts program, Standing Room Only
12:34 min, 1:47 pm on 2 June 2019
Radio interview complementing the 2019 Objectspace exhibition ‘Alive’

Kim Hak was born in in 1981 in Cambodia, two years after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, and grew up hearing many stories of that turbulent time. Years later those past memories heavily influence and inform his art practice. Previous works have explored survivor stories, local architectural documentation and also the wider changing landscapes of his homeland. Hak has exhibited extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the USA and has been published in a number of prominent photography journals.

Kim Hak lives and actively works in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

Thumbnail credit: Alive- Chapter III  type C print 2018