How to make DIY instruments moving sound bicycle instrument workshop in 2016

How to make DIY instruments moving sound of a bicycle instrument workshop invited a group of artists - Yuen Chee Wai, DJ Sniff, Duto Hardono, Takashi Makino, Arnont Nongyao and Otomo Yoshihide - to build ‘public’ usage instruments. Once completed the works were part of a public performance and paraded, with community members invited to join in and ‘add to/ edit’ the bicycles for the final stage of the workshop. This work was filmed at Omiya Elementary School in Saitama, Japan and was part of Bicycle Soundy Roaming in Saitama and the Sound workshop (the Ensembles Asia Special) for the 2016 Saitama Triennale.

Arnont Nongyao is an experimental sound artist with a particular interest in vibration. His works often utilise low-fi or analogue-based methods to record the often unordinary situational moments between humans and objects. Arnont has exhibited widely through exhibitions and festivals and is currently the Co-Director of Chiang Mai Collective (CMC), Thailand. Arnont Nongyao lives and actively works in Chiang Mai, Thailand.